In February 2018, Rocky View County approved the Settler’s Green Conceptual Scheme for the development of a quarter section of land on Langdon’s southeast corner.  The plan proposed the development of approximately 360 homes and 43 acres of Commercial/Industrial lands.  After a more in-depth review of the site, it was determined that it was not realistic to construct most of the homes without placing the basements well below a very high water table.

This year, we went back to the drawing board and came up with a new vision for this corner of Langdon.  We believe that this new concept will benefit current and future residents and we look forward to hearing what you think.

If you move the slide on the site map, you’ll see the differences between the currently approved Conceptual Scheme and our proposal.  The green is park space, yellow is residential, orange is multi-family residential, blue is water and the various shades of pink/purple/red are industrial and commercial/storage/public utility parcels.

Let’s start with the water.  This corner of Langdon is the lowest and, as stated above, has a very high water table.  It’s also the area to which a lot of storm water in the region wants to gather.  We thought that, rather than simply try to move the water through Settler’s Green, we’d try to gather and keep it for a while, turning it from a nuisance into an amenity.  We’re planning on a watercourse, measuring approximately 200m wide by 800m long by 2-3m deep.

When we turned our attention to park space, we wanted to make sure that we still had pathways to allow people to move across the development, but we also wanted to take advantage of the watercourse.  So we put a large park on the west end of the watercourse.  While there may not be a sandy beach and palm trees, we do want to create a space to allow Langdon residents to take a dip on those hot summer days.

We believe that by placing that waterfront park at the entrance of Settler’s Green, we’ll be creating a place for people to gather.  So why not enhance that gathering space by putting some related commercial space?  Wouldn’t it be nice to dine on the rooftop patio of a restaurant overlooking the water, or be able to walk from the beach to get an ice cream cone, or some of the things you forgot at home?

We wanted to make sure there are a variety of lot types for Langdon residents, so here’s what we’ve planned:

- 55’ lots that back onto Boulder Creek

- 50’ interior lots with walkout basements

- 60’ lots backing onto, and including a portion of the watercourse to allow for construction of a private dock and boat access

- a multi-family site for apartment style and other attached condominium units

We’ve also set aside space on the southeast corner for an RV/boat storage facility, just to make sure we can keep the driveways clear in order to build better community.

One more thing …

If we can build a community with even more amenities for all Langdon residents around a stormwater facility to hold and treat stormwater from the surrounding areas before sending it on its way, but it meant having to enlarge the Hamlet of Langdon by three more quarter sections, would you support that?