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All submissions here will be delivered to Rocky View County as part of the Conceptual Scheme amendment application.

We expect to be in a position to submit these amendments by early December and hope to begin construction in 2021.

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1. How would you rate the overall concept presented on the previous page?

2. The intention of the watercourse is to assist in stormwater treatment, to provide an amenity to the community, and to create a new style of residential lot in Langdon. Would you support the idea of building this large watercourse in Langdon?

3. The currently approved Conceptual Scheme has a significant amount of industrial lands in the southeast corner of the development. In the proposed Conceptual Scheme we have removed most of the industrial space and replaced some of it with commercial and outdoor storage. We believe that there are other industrial lands coming forward that would better meet the needs of Langdon and have a greater chance of market success. Are you supportive of removing these industrial lands from the Conceptual Scheme?

4. Would you be supportive of expanding the Langdon Area Structure Plan by three more quarter sections (approximately 500 acres) to further address regional stormwater treatment as well as to provide additional water based recreational amenities and a similar variety of residential lots?

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